We started this company with 3 things in mind to make our dreams into a reality.



All necessary things to manifest a thought or dream into your life. We make sure to put all three things into our work in  order to make sure you are satisfied and happy with our custom products. Our shirts are made with industry standard material and will always leave you feeling satisfied every time you go out. Be the conversation starter by wearing one of our own MANIFEST KINGS BRAND shirt or simply send us a message to add your own picture/design and create your own.

Were a group who believe fashion should have a bit of your own say in it. Be the envy of your circle with your own customized shirt, a one of a kind that no one else will have. 

So make sure to check out our own Manifest Kings brand merch, and unleash your inner kingdom!

Palidna, is an offshoot of our Manifest Kings brand. Palidna or Pali DNA is our line of merchandise that is specific to the Palestinian heritage revival.


We are strong and proud supporters of the Palestinian Cause and we believe that justice for the Palestinians is due. We are proud to use our platform here at Manifest Kings to add a brand dedicated to Palestinian culture.


In this new age we feel it is imperative to be the voice of the voiceless of a people silenced for more than seven decades.




Thank You For All Your Support!